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27 Best Venues for Business Events in São Paulo


São Paulo is the business capital of Brazil and the top destination for this type of tourism in the country, attracting nearly 12 million business tourists every year.

This atmosphere consolidated the city as a hub for corporate events in Latin America, and organisers find São Paulo has great infrastructure for hosting events, an engaged audience and good transportation links to get attendees to the events in case they are not based in the city.

The São Paulo region, houses some of the most important venues in Brazil like the São Paulo Expo, which is the largest corporate event venue in Latin America, plus another half a dozen with the capacity to host mega-events with thousands of participants. The largest venues in São Paulo city are concentrated in the North and Southern areas of the city.

If your event is smaller, there is no shortage of venues for events from a few dozen to hundreds of participants. These spaces are often found in business oriented venues or hotels, which offer modular rooms that can be adapted to virtually any size event. These types of venues are scattered throughout the city, and you will find rooms at all price points, from a more budget-friendly on the outskirts of the city to a more sophisticated hotel in an upscale area.

Where to host your business event in São Paulo

People are more drawn to register and attend to events that are closer to their offices, and therefore choosing a venue that is conveniently located within business areas may be a decisive factor for the success of your event. Attendees will be more resistant to come to your event if they know they will have to cross the city as the traffic in São Paulo can be very heavy.

To help you to choose the right area for the event, we will outline here the districts with the highest offices and commercial buildings densities in São Paulo:

  • Jardim Paulista
  • Campo Belo
  • Itaim Bibi
  • Pinheiros
  • Sé / República

We compiled below a list of the best venues for you to host your event in São Paulo city.

Cervejaria Nacional

When was the last time you and your guests went to a party in a brewpub? 500m² distributed on 3 floors (brewery, pub and restaurant) in the Pinheiros' neighborhood. Reward winning beers, from our taps directly to your table, with a unique brewer menu, including appetizers, meals and desserts made from/or harmonizing with our beers. Visit our brewery! Your guests are offered the unique opportunity to know our brewery with the brewer on duty. Coffee breaks, Happy Hours, harmonized Lunch/dinner, we have it all! A real submergence in the brewers world, the Nacional Brewery doesn't slack regarding beer, even less on your event.

Av. Pedroso de Morais, 604
05419-000 - São Paulo

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Expo Center Norte

With 98.000 m² of infrastructure and international quality standard, Expo Center Norte has an impeccable state-of-the-art infrastructure for all kinds of events, in a privileged localization. With 5 pavilions for fairs with air-conditioning, Expo Center Norte is the perfect place for fairs, conventions, graduation parties and corporative events.

Rua José Bernardo Pinto, 333
Vila Guilherme
02055-000 - São Paulo

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Tom Brasil

2400m2 lounge with free area without columns in the audience. The theater of the Tom Brasil is divided into three sections, called, “audience”, “audience upper” and “mezzanine”. Cocktail with cocktail station:Up to 4,500 people; Dinner (round or rectangular tables): Up to 2,200 people; auditorium: Up to 2,400 people; Show: Up to 2,400 people; Dance Floor: Up to 4,500 people. Exclusive VIP Space 300m2 area and conservatory with the following formats: Cocktail Up to 250 people; Jantar (mesas redondas) Up to 150 people; Shows (square tables) Up to 160 people.

R. Bragança Paulista, 1281
Vila Cruzeiro
04727-002 - São Paulo

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Casa do Jasmin

With 400 m² of total area, the house has just been opened by Sofia Carvalhosa for multiple functions: corporate meetings, filming locations, press conferences, workshops, castings, rehearsals, auctions, fashion events, product launches, social events, mini-weddings, balls, pocketshows, training programs, among others.

Rua José Maria Lisboa 1145
Jardim Paulista
01423-001 - São Paulo

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Teatro Alfa

Teatro Alfa also offers its space to relevant social and commercial events, such as awards, parties, product debuts, classes, trainings, congresses, among others. At the Teatro Alfa you and your company can ally marketing strategies with high quality shows and concerts, giving your guests the opportunity of an unforgettable experience.

R. Bento Branco de Andrade Filho, 722
Santo Amaro
04757-000 - São Paulo

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Fundação Theatro Municipal de São Paulo

A Fundação Theatro Municipal de São Paulo disponibiliza espaços para locação no Theatro Municipal e na Praça das Artes.

Praça Ramos de Azevedo, s/nº
01037-010 - São Paulo

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Autódromo de Interlagos

Besides race competitions, for test-drives sport and car events, the Interlagos Racetrack may also host other events at its assorted areas. Other available spaces and lounges are ideal to work as a reception area, training courses and smaller events. One of the Interlagos advantages is that the areas can be rented part or full time.

Av. Senador Teotônio Vilela, 261,
04801-010 - São Paulo

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MAM - Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo

The MAM infrastructure can be used for personalized events, with exclusive visits to currently showing exhibitions. The restaurant has a view of the Sculpture Garden and has room for 120 for meals or 300 for cocktails. The auditorium has a capacity of 200 and full audiovisual equipment. Holding an event at the MAM makes a direct contribution to the upkeep of the museum

Av. Pedro Alvares Cabral, s/n
Parque Ibirapuera
04094-000 - São Paulo

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Centro Brasileiro Britânico - Edíficio Cultura Inglesa

The complex has a total area of 13.000 m², and houses the Duke of York Auditorium with capacity of 160 seats, three galleries for exhibitions, a library specialized in contemporaneous British reading and information centre about the United Kingdom, rooms for individual or group meetings.

Rua Ferreira de Araújo,741
05428-002 - São Paulo

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Espaço das Américas

The Sao Paulo Group Events believing in the development of the country has invested in an ambitious and innovative action, reshaping 100% of Espaço das Américas. Opened in 2002, Espaço das Américas is now the latest venture for concerts and events in the city, and proudly opens its doors to present to the public the new reality that has come to revolutionize the world of entertainment not only in São Paulo, but all over the country. Its contemporary architecture aligned to the latest market trends offers innovative solutions that provide flexibility and sophistication, to meet and transform your social or corporate events into unique events

Rua Tagipuru, 795
Barra Funda
01156-000 - São Paulo

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Casa Fasano

The house can arrange corporate or social parties for up to 600 people sitting, or 800 guests for cocktail parties. The space has a 950-square meter banquet hall, a 250-square meter hall, 9-meter headroom, stage for shows, glass walls, and a charming garden that surrounds the house and reproduces traces of the Atlantic Forest.

Couto De Magalhães Júnior, 912
Itaim Bibi
04542-000 - São Paulo

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Buffet França

We offer effective results to your corporate event. With a differentiated and complete product, França Buffet provides a close cost-effective relation between high-quality gastronomy and services at competitive prices.

Avenida Angélica, 750
01227-000 - São Paulo

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Casa das Caldeiras

The building was restored between 1998-1999 when a new use for the building revitalized it bringing back to the city symbol from its growth – as a special place for social encounter, institutional, cultural and artistic celebration.

Av. Francisco Matarazzo, 2.000
Água Branca
05001-200 - São Paulo

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Pinacoteca de São Paulo - Pinacoteca Luz

Pina Luz: At the Pinacoteca, your event has a century-old building as a backdrop, featuring beautiful works of art all around, and award-winning architecture. It is the city’s oldest art museum, conveniently located in downtown São Paulo, near the Luz Station (Estação Luz). A charming environment, properly equipped to receive cocktail receptions, lectures, dinner events, workshops, and other activities.

Praça da Luz. 2
Bom Retiro
01120-010 - São Paulo

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Pinacoteca de São Paulo - Pinacoteca_Estação

Pina Estação: As historic as our main building, this is another environment with incredible architecture to welcome its guests, in a building that dates back to 1914. Also located in downtown São Paulo, near Estação da Luz, it is fully equipped to receive coffee breaks, corporate events, cocktail receptions and other activities.

Lg. General Osório, 66
01213-010 - São Paulo

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Sala São Paulo

The venue comprises the following areas: the Concert Hall, the Main Hall, the Foyer, the Arts Space, the Hall of Arches, the Carlos Gomes Hall, the Camargo Guarnieri Hall and the Great Hall. The Sala São Paulo venue thus offers a wide range of options for hosting cultural and social events. Its specialized technical support team and up-to-the-minute technology guarantee the problem-free staging of high-quality events. Find out more details about the various different venues within the Sala São Paulo.

Campos Elíseos
01218 020 - São Paulo

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Hold your event in one of the city's top postcards. Located on Paulista Avenue, MASP is the perfect venue for concerts, shows and corporate events. In addition to the multipurpose areas such as the Mezzanine and MASP Restaurante, the museum has the Small Auditorium with capacity for 80 people and the MASP Auditorium for 374 people, both with fixed seats.

AV Paulista, 1578
Bela Vista
01310-200 - São Paulo

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Museu do Futebol

Since opening its doors in 2008, the Football Museum has hosted hundreds of corporate events such as press conferences, product launches, promotional campaigns, internal marketing actions and relationships with business partners, awards, social gatherings, meetings , courses, among others. The Football Museum is housed in the Stadium Paulo Machado de Carvalho , the Pacaembu one of the most charming stages of Brazil. It has Auditorium , Foyer external and two internal areas, Great rooms Area and Osmar Santos.

Estádio Paulo Machado de Carvalho
Praça Charles Miller, s/n
01234-010 - São Paulo

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Milenium Convention Center

A large site, with diversified forms; ready for holding your event. Learn why the best companies in the world choose the Milenium Convention Center as the venue of their events!

Rua Dr. Bacelar, 1043
Vila Mariana
04026-002 - São Paulo

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Transamerica Expo Center

With 40,000 sqm of built area and fully equipped with a HVAC system, Transamerica Expo Center has an infrastructure to host various types of events. It has 7 independent halls – integrated and on the same floor – as well as 15 meeting rooms located on the mezzanine.

Av. Dr. Mário Villas Boas Rodrigues, 387
Santo Amaro
04757-020 - São Paulo

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Frei Caneca Convention Center

Situated within Paulista’s Avenue privileged area, Frei Caneca Convention Center is located on the 4th, 5th and 6th floors of Shopping Frei Caneca. One of the busiest event venues in the city of São Paulo, it has an exposition area of 10.500 m² with capacity to attend up to 3.800 seated people in modular rooms. Frei Caneca Theatre (on the 7th floor) can also be used as a premium auditorium, with capacity to attend 600 seated people.

Rua Frei Caneca, 569
01307-001 - São Paulo

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Fundação Bienal de São Paulo

With 25 thousand square meters distributed across three floors, plus the Bienal Lounge, the building stands out for its unrivalled location: Ibirapuera Park, the green heart of São Paulo.

Parque Ibirapuera
Av. Pedro Álvares Cabral, s/n
Vila Mariana
04094-000 - São Paulo

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Teatro Shopping Frei Caneca


R. Frei Caneca, 569
01307-001 - São Paulo

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ARCA (ARK, in English) is a symbol of renovation, transformation, protection, rebirth. In a time when the city of São Paulo seeks new solutions, new spaces, ARCA emerges as a venue to hosts the ideas, people and happenings that will transform the city - all under the same roof that once provided shelter to an icon of São Paulo's industrial revolution, ARCA is a platform for the creative industry, for the arts, entrepreneurship and innovation. It's a venue for all sorts of events. Its amplitude allows for a wide range of configurations and purposes, providing the flexibility required to host any activity.

Avenida Manuel Bandeira, 360
Vila Leopoldina
05317-020 - São Paulo

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Red Bull Station

The space has free entry and holds permanent programs of residencies and occupations, as well as a Cafeteria and a recording studio, the Red Bull Studio São Paulo. There is also a must-see schedule of lectures, concerts, workshops, performances and film screenings.

Praça da Bandeira, 137
Bela Vista
01007-000 - São Paulo

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Rebouças Convention Center

It has 17 environments with air-conditioning that can accommodate up to 2,300 participants.

Av. Rebouças, 600
05402-000 - São Paulo

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WTC Events Center

The WTC Events Center and the Sheraton WTC Hotel São Paulo, together, make the most complete events complex in Latin America. An integral part of WTC São Paulo, The WTC Events Center is located in the Berrini region, 6 km from the Congonhas airport and 36 km away from Guarulhos airport. An area of approximately 12,000 m² divided into more than 60 flexible spaces that can accommodate both large corporate and cultural events or even small events and business meetings.

Av. das Nações Unidas, 12.551
Brooklin Novo
04578-903 - São Paulo

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