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32 Best Coworking Spaces for Events in São Paulo


There are hundreds of coworkings in São Paulo that have dedicated spaces for events with varied infrastructure. These spaces can be good options to host events such as presentations, seminars, workshops or meetings.

There are hundreds of coworkings in São Paulo that have dedicated spaces for events with varied infrastructure. These spaces can be good options to host events such as presentations, seminars, workshops or meetings.

Choosing a coworking space in São Paulo for business events There are a few things to be taken into account when choosing a coworking space to host your event, and one of them is that the profile of your event should match the profile of the coworking space. There are a variety of spaces in São Paulo, from more general spaces that welcome companies from all branches of activities to more specialised coworking spaces, like maker spaces or culinary coworkings for food businesses.

Aside from the event profile, it is necessary to assess the structure offered by the coworking space, which can vary from space to space. Some offer small rooms, more suitable for a small meeting, while others have well equipment auditoriums with all the things you need such as audio and video equipment. Due to this discrepancy, it is recommended that you verify beforehand the access to other suppliers to the space, in case it is necessary.

Regarding rental prices, it also varies from space to space. Some venues offer rooms for free depending on the nature of the event or for members of the coworking space, while others charge rentals per hour or day. Each coworking space has their own rules to define the concession of the spaces.

Josefin Coworking - Vila Mariana

We are ready to welcome creative professionals from different fields at our workstations, private offices, conference rooms, photography studio, gardens and rooftop.

Rua Bagé, 204
Vila Mariana
04012-140 - São Paulo

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Link2u Coworking, Shared Spaces & Private Rooms, being one of the pioneers in this sector since 2010, has always sought to disseminate and implement this modern concept of work and interaction space, sharing experiences and optimizing costs.

Av. Paulista, 2202 - 7º andar
Bela Vista
01310-300 - São Paulo

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Josefin Coworking - Jardins

Coming to work every day in a quiet, well-designed, practical and comfortable coworking space. With nice living areas, well-ventilated spaces and natural light. That you can reach by foot, car, bus, subway, bicycle or motorbike. And that allows you to enjoy a good neighborhood and interesting colleagues. This is our ideal workplace. That’s how we created Josefin.

R. Dr. Melo Alves, 105
Cerqueira César
01417-010 - São Paulo

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Casa Coworking

The best place for your company. Come, close good deals and new contracts!

R. Flórida, 1738 CJ 121
04565-001 - São Paulo

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ON OFFICES - Vila Nova Conceição

Having a fiscal or commercial address only in the business card and a personalized service in the name of the client / company confers credibility and seriousness for companies, professionals and freelancers who do not want to rent a space.

Rua Afonso Brás, 473
Vila Nova Conceição
04511-011 - São Paulo

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ON OFFICES - Jardim Paulistano

Your office furnished and decorated in the layout is suitable for your company. All the facilities and amenities of the space with the privacy you need.

Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima 2013
Jardim Paulistano
01452-001 - São Paulo

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Campus São Paulo

Google's space for entrepreneurs.

Rua Coronel Oscar Porto, 70
04003-000 - São Paulo

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Colab Coworking

COLAB welcomes all professionals: self-employed, freelancers, entrepreneurs and startups among others. COLAB provides consulting and reference in management, strategy, human resources, finance, accounting and legal in Brazil and abroad through our partners.

Rua Fradique Coutinho, 160
05416-000 - São Paulo

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BESP Times Office - Tabapuã Office Center

Complete infrastructure for day-to-day activities of your company

Rua Tabapuã, 145
Itaim Bibi
04533-010 - São Paulo

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BESP Times Office - Angélica Times Office

Complete infrastructure for day-to-day activities of your company

Av. Angélica, 2223
Santa Cecilia
01227-200 - São Paulo

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Sampa Works

Have you seen entrepreneurs huddling at the local coffee houses, always searching for a quiet place to meet with colleagues and customers. Renting expensive office and/or meeting space is simply not an option and working in relative isolation at home is just not a great option. We have a professional, welcoming work space with available meeting rooms, connectivity and importantly, human interaction.

R. Artur de Azevedo, 1361
05404-013 - São Paulo

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Coworking office space located in the city of São Paulo, enabling selected startups to work in a collaborative and innovative environment. Eretz.bio also provides access to the laboratory and equipment infrastructure of the Instituto Israelita de Ensino e Pesquisa (IIEP), Einstein´s research institute located inside its main unit also in the city of São Paulo.

Rua Madre Cabrini, 462
Vila Mariana
04020-040 - São Paulo

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Ideal spaces for professionals, freelancers and startups who work alone or in small teams.

Avenida Paulista, 1499, conjunto 1601
Bela Vista
01311-200 - São Paulo

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Brain - Pinheiros

If you’re looking for the coolest hip neighborhood, this is the place

R. Francisco Leitão, 258 e 266
05414-020 - São Paulo

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Brain - Groenlândia

Our main site in Sao Paulo’s most elegant neighborhood

R. Groenlândia, 848
Jardim América
01434-000 - São Paulo

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Office&Co. Coworking Premium - Vila Olímpia

Office&Co. Coworking Premium is a differentiated shared office, not only for its elegant and sober environment, but also for the profile of its clients. Private offices, dedicated workstations and conference rooms share 500 m² of complete office infrastructure. Our contracts are aimed to monthly users, assuring a more reserved and safe workplace. Our 4 conference rooms are exclusively used by our clients. We do not rent our conference rooms for external users.

Av. Dr. Cardoso de Melo, 1460 / 11º e 12º andares
Vila Olímpia
04548-005 - São Paulo

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Coworking São Paulo - Unity 01 - Paulista

The Coworking São Paulo have a exclusive floor in the Maria Santos Building for events, speeches, workshops and courses. When do not have calendar of events, this same space will be enable for the users as a space of descompression, with game tables, videogames, and coffee table, besides being also an alternative of space for work.

Alameda Santos, 415 - 10º andar
Cerqueira César
01419-913 - São Paulo

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Estação Coworking - Mourato

You may come alone or in a team. May pull a chair or get a room. Come daily or show up once in a while. Have meetings with clients and partners or bring friends to introduce them. We are here in the ways of life, at the size and in the time you want.

Rua Mourato Coelho, 957
Vila Madalena
05417-011 - São Paulo

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Estação Coworking - Macunis

Here we host different kinds and sizes of people and projects. We are a multitask coworking network where you can come to work fulltime or just show up once in a while. With daily, monthly and semiannual plans, here you'll find autonomy, flexibility and a welcoming environment to explore your talent.

Rua dos Macunis, 68
Vila Madalena
05444-070 - São Paulo

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Private Office

O Private Office é o escritório virtual de alto padrão que proporciona a seus associados a mais completa infraestrutura necessária para profissionais liberais e pequenas empresas.

Av. Pacaembu, 1976
01234-000 - São Paulo

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Delta Coworking Funchal

The Funchal property is located in Vila Olimpia, known as the "Silicon Valley Paulistano" by gathering numerous technology firms, large multinational and intelligent buildings. With approximately 1,000 sqm of physical structure, the unit is 280m shopping JK Iguatemi, 350m shopping Vila Olimpia and the station Vila Olimpia CPTM and 4.7km from Congonhas Airport, in addition to being close to banks, restaurants and bridge flags.

Rua Funchal, 411 - 5º Andar
Vila Olímpia
04551-060 - São Paulo

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Delta Business Center - Paulista I

The unit has approximately 1,600 m 2 of physical structure divided between meeting rooms, private rooms and shared spaces, it is installed on the rooftop and boasts panoramic terrace with garden and magnificent view.

Av. Paulista, 726 - 17º Andar
Bela Vista
01310-100 - São Paulo

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Delta Business Center - Faria Lima

Faria Lima unit is located on the corner of Av Rebouças with Av Faria Lima, close to important points in the area:.. Eldorado and Iguatemi Shopping Malls, Hebrew and Pinheiros clubs, restaurants, hotels and banks. With approximately 1,200 m 2 of physical structure, the unit is 350 meters from Faria Lima Station and 1100 meters from the Hebrew station - Rebolledo CPTM.

Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 1.461 - 4º Andar
01452-002 - São Paulo

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Delta Business Center - Paulista II

Located in the building Bela Paulista, which has technical specifications of the most advanced buildings in São Paulo, which provide an excellent corporate image, this unit is located in a strategic point of the avenue that is the financial heart of the city of São Paulo, between the Street Bela Cintra and comfort, 5 minutes station and the Pauline 100 meters of consolation station which connects with the yellow subway line. The unit has approximately 1,000 m 2 of physical structure divided between meeting rooms, private rooms and shared spaces.

Av. Paulista, 2.421 - 1º Andar
01310-300 - São Paulo

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Delta Business Center - Berrini

With approximately 3.300m 2 physical structure, the unit is in a strategic location with access to many shops, restaurants, shopping malls, hotels, Berrini Station CPTM (850m) and Congonhas Airport (4.7km). The unit is also outside the municipal area trundle vehicles.

Av. Eng. Luis Carlos Berrini, 550 - 4º Andar
04571-925 - São Paulo

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Spaces -  Vila Olimpia

Spaces Vila Olímpia is located in the center of Vila Olímpia. This is a prestigious and thriving area, home to the Brazilian offices of leading global businesses, particularly from the IT sector. It is close to the Faria Lima central business district and Jardins neighbourhood.

Rua Gomes de Carvalho, 911
Vila Olímpia
04547-003 - São Paulo

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Virtual Office - Escritório Alphaville Santana de Parnaíba

Scored on a shopping companies in Santana de Parnaíba and, specifically, in Alphaville, this Virtual Office unit is prestigious for its address and is a great option for young entrepreneurs seeking costs reduced and tax cuts. For convenience, guests have a parking building and can convene to Virtual Office, ensuring monthly discounts. THE unit is also close to self station and bakeries. No service shopping a food court facilitates business meeting and streamlines the rest time.

Av. Yojiro Takaoka, 4384 - Centro de Apoio I (Alphaville)
Santana de Parnaíba
06474-270 - São Paulo

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Spaces - Vila Madalena

An inspiring environment where ideas develop, businesses build and relationships evolve. Spaces is a creative place where you can work, check your email, and meet with clients. A place where you can pause to enjoy a really good cup of coffee or a healthy lunch, and where super-fast, secured internet ensures you can work quickly and efficiently.

Rua Capitao Antonio Rosa, 409
Vila Madalena
01443-010 - São Paulo

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Virtual Office - Escritório Virtual Paulista

It is the ideal unit for customers looking for easy location and address of prestige Virtual Office always offers! Paulista Avenue is the best point of Sao Paulo because it has close trade, restaurants and well accessible public transport.

Av. Paulista, 1765
Cerqueira César
01412-200 - São Paulo

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Virtual Office - Escritório Itaim Bibi FIT

The location of the Itaim Bibi Fit unit is close to Congonhas Airport, Avenues Santo Amaro, Juscelino Kubitschek, Faria Lima and Nove. Are points of the city of São Paulo that stimulate major negotiations and netwoking.

Rua Dr. Guilherme Bannitz, 126
Itaim Bibi
04532-010 - São Paulo

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LOCUS - Unidade São Caetano do Sul

Edereço de prestígio em São Caetano para valorizar seus negócios.

Alameda Terracota, 215 – 5º Andar
09531-190 - São Paulo

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Virtual Office - Escritório Berrini Prime

The Prime Berrini unit offers maximum sophistication to your office not only the building that It has differentiated structure as around an upscale neighborhood and well mapped. IT IS intended for all customers looking for the Virtual Office services united the best standard!

Rua George Ohm, 206
Cidade Monções
04576-020 - São Paulo

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