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Belo Horizonte, the state capital known for the high-quality coffee beans, cheese and cachaça, is one of the most important destination for business tourism in Brazil, and consequently alike for business events.

Several factors lead to the increase in popularity of Belo Horizonte on the MICE segment. The first one is the strong hotel network expansion experienced by the city in relation to being one of the hosting cities for the FIFA World Cup 2014. After the championship, many hotels shifted their structure to focus towards business travellers.

In addition to the hotel network expansion, the city has good options of bars, restaurants and transportation, making it a popular destination for congresses, trade shows, road shows and conferences. Cities around Belo Horizonte house several manufacturing factifies, including automotive, mining and consumer goods. The city has also become increasingly more important in the creative economy scene as well.

There are event venues scattered all over the city, in special in the more neighbourhoods like Savassi, Funcionários, Lourdes entre outros.


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